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Book Club for Kids

Dec 29, 2021

Something a little different this week and next. As we approach  January 6th, parents and teachers may be looking for a way to discuss the attack on the U.S. Capitol with children. Our other podcast THE FINA MENDOZA MYSTERIES created this special 2-part episode to help open a discussion about the events, without scaring...

Dec 22, 2021

Newbery Award-winning writer Jerry Craft confesses that he was not much of a reader as a kid. But he wanted to create a book for kids like him. He talks about which comes first in his graphic novels, the pictures or the words. He tells host Kitty Felde how to write a joke in four panels.

Dec 15, 2021

We're so excited to talk about the Newbery Award-winning graphic novel New Kid by Jerry Craft. Students at Randle Highland Elementary School in Washington, DC debate whether they'd rather go to a fancy pants school on the other side of town, or the school in their own neighborhood. Actor Gary Anthony Williams...

Dec 8, 2021

What makes a book personal to you? We talk to a group of readers from Albuquerque, New Mexico about the books that mean something special to them. Kitty Felde is host.

Dec 1, 2021

Get out the Kleenex and a warm jacket and gloves. This week is a heartbreaking tale of troubled foster kid who finds comfort among a herd of cows in Maine. Readers from Carter G. Woodson Charter School in Chicago discuss Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt. U.S. Senator Angus King is celebrity reader. Kitty Felde is...