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Book Club for Kids

May 27, 2020

We want to hear what you're reading this summer. 

On this episode, kids from coast to coast share their favorites. You can be on the show, too.

Attention parents, teachers, and librarians: Looking for a way to inspire your Summer Readers when they can’t go to the library? Turn them into podcast stars.  

It's easy:

- find the voice memo or recording app on a smartphone

- set the level somewhere in the middle

- have the reader introduce her/himself as:

Hi, my name is - (first name only)

I'm from (what city, school, or library)

The book I’m reading this summer is -

Tell us about it. (not the plot, but what it is YOU like about this book and why you'd recommend it to someone else)

Email the audio files to us at 

Book Club for Kids is the award-winning podcast where kids talk about books. The Times of London calls it one of the world’s top 10 kidcasts. Common Sense Media rates it “excellent.” The New York Times says the “virtual gathering space for young readers feels more vital than ever in the social distancing era.”