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Book Club for Kids

Mar 18, 2020

It’s an unusual time. A time when most of us are home with our families. A time when we can order up a book free of charge from our local library and have it delivered immediately to our phone, computer or tablet.

But what book?

We have some great suggestions from students at the Laurence School in Los Angeles. And we want to hear your suggestions for great books and book series we can be reading during this time of social distancing. If you have book suggestion, please call us at 323-639-3560. Tell us your first name, the city where you live, the name of your favorite book, and why you love it.

Just a note to teachers, parents and librarians. We have free curriculum guides at the website so you can keep the learning going during this haitus. We also have more than 100 free Book Club for Kids episodes free of charge. You can listen to an episode with your kids, get a digital copy or audio book version of the novel from your public library, read it together, and use the podcast questions for a jumping off place for your own discussion. You could even get a Skype book club session with your child and other kids stuck at home.

We have a free newsletter for teachers, parents, and librarians. Usually, we send out bimonthly free tips about how to turn kids into lifelong readers. But starting this week, we’ll be sending out short newsletters with activities and suggestions of learning opportunities you and your kids can do at home. You can sign up at our website:

One other way to lighten the mood with your kids: we have a terrific mystery podcast, the Fina Mendoza Mysteries. It’s a free 8-part series about a little girl and a gigantic red dog named Senator Something. Together, they solve the mystery of the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill. As one young listener put it, "It’s not too scary."