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Book Club for Kids

Apr 26, 2020

This weekend we’re participating in a special podcast event: Podapalooza, to raise funds for folks hardest hit by Covid-19. 

We here at Book Club create a second podcast – The Fina Mendoza Mysteries – and for Podapalooza, we’re sharing episode 1. 

The Fina Mendoza Mysteries is a serialized mystery series for kids and political junkies. Season one tells the tale of the 10 year old daughter of a congressman who solves the mystery of the demon cat of Capitol Hill.

We all know that COVID 19 is hitting the entire world, and unfortunately, some have been harder hit than others. We’re proud to have this opportunity to give back while doing something we love. Podapalooza is a podcast festival for COVID relief, the work of more than a hundred podcasters who have contributed content and resources to the cause. 100% of funds raised go to GiveDirectly, an international aid organization helping families hardest hit by COVID. To learn more and donate, go to, or p - l - z - a dot org for short. That’s p - l -z -a dot org.